The Racial Justice Board Bill is NOW H.308!


H.492, “An Act relating to Racial Justice Oversight Board” and H.523 (Fair and Impartial Policing) were both successfully voted out of the House last week!  Senate Judiciary amended H.308 by attaching S.116. and successfully voted it out last week as well!.  The bill is currently in Senate Appropriations.

Ways to help:

1.) If you have not signed these petitions, they are still very important. They continue to notify everyone under the dome with each signature.

Petition for S.116

2.) Continue the calls the Sergeant at Arms.  This is not a one time deal.  Call as many times as time permits and leave a message for your Representative or Senator expressing your support for the immediate adoption of H.308.  802-828-2228  You can also send an email:

3.) Send a note to the Senate Appropriations Committee, urging them to vote out H.308 immediately for racial justice in Vermont!  This address will enable you to reach them all at once:

4.) Send an email your Representatives or Senators expressing your support for the immediate adoption of H.308 – Find them here:

Let’s get this done!

Don’t forget our monthly general meeting (every third Thursday) at the Unitarian Church, in Montpelier.  Here is the event:

As you consider where you are investing in social justice issues, remember the racial referendum that we just experienced in our national election. Consider donating to Justice For All, an organically grown, Vermont-based racial justice organization that has been here doing the work over the past couple of

Please help us with your membership, provide organizational support or simply provide a contribution. Help us continue this work in Vermont.

Over this past year we worked in a coalition to successfully deliver the Vermont Fair and Impartial Policing Policy for all law enforcement agencies in the state. Our work continues with numerous community outreach activities, Vermont Justice Coalition, Coalition on Racial Justice Reform, the Law Enforcement Professional Regulation Committee and much more but we need your help to continue.

#DecisionPoints is a open source data collection initiative that is underway. This open platform will provide the community access to our data and enable transparency and accountability. Help us with this effort.

Thank you for your support!

Mark Hughes
Justice For All