African American men continue to die at the hands of law enforcement. Frustration fuels senseless murders of law enforcement and the nation becomes further divided.   Nationally, over one-third of the seven million people incarcerated or otherwise under the supervision of corrections are African American.   Vermont, statistically leads the nation with one in 14 African American males incarcerated in State prisons. Vermont is 5th in the nation for state prison black / white differential at 11. What are our next steps in addressing the impact of systemic racism in the so called Justice System and beyond?  Join a campaign and do your part.

Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement

Learn more about our campaign for civilian oversight of law enforcement. Find the petition here.

Prohibit Slavery

Learn more on our campaign for racial justice reform and an amendment to the Vermont constitution. Find the petition here.

Reparative “Cannabis” Policy

Learn more on our campaign for reparative cannabis policy. Find the petition here.