About Kevin

Born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised with his seven siblings and twenty plus wards of the State by their working mother and father, Coach learned early on the value of hard work, teamwork, and perseverance. While working a part-time job at a local service station, he graduated from high school with a commission to West Point, but a knee injury in his senior year kept him from attending the US Military Academy.

Coach’s academic prowess and leadership abilities aided him in college at Eastern Connecticut State University, where he graduated as class president with a degree in Fine Arts Music Education, with minors in English and Theater. He spent a year in public service (Hartford, CT Model Cities Program) and then moved to Vermont in 1973, at age 23, to start a business: Christie Quechee Exxon. In Vermont he began coaching in 1980, and teaching in 1986, which coincided with a Master’s in Education Administration from Plymouth State University. Coach’s achievements culminated with a principal/directorship in Randolph, VT, and a doctoral program with all but dissertation in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Coach has also volunteered for a variety of charitable causes.