JFA Announces Board of Directors


For immediate Release:
Montpelier, Vermont November 2, 2016 – Justice For All announced the initial appointment of a Board of Directors. These Directors will provide the oversight and vision to lead the Vermont based, racial justice nonprofit organization into 2017 and beyond.
Members of the board include Joan Javier Duval, Minister of the Unitarian Church of Montpelier; Faisal Gill, Partner with Gill Investment Group and recent candidate for Vermont State Senate; Kevin (Coach Christie), an educator and coach in Vermont for over the last 40 years; Claudia Pringles, an attorney with a practice dedicated to special needs; Kesha Ram, former Vermont legislator and Lieutenant Governor candidate; Joseph Gainza, Founder of Vermont Action for Peace and lifelong peace and justice activist; David Scherr, a practicing attorney, member of the board of trustees for the Farm Wilderness Foundation and former candidate for state senate; Christine Longmore, Burlington Police Commissioner and Offender Workforce Development Program Manager, and Allyson Sironi, Co-founder of Justice For All. “I am excited to have such a powerhouse of passion, professionalism, vision and leadership” Mark Hughes, Co-founder of Justice For All commented.


About Justice For All
Justice for All is a Vermont-based, racial justice non-profit organization that identifies and dismantles institutionalized racism and facilitates healing and empowerment in Vermont communities. They ensure justice for all through community organizing, research, education, community policing, legislative reform and judicial monitoring. To this end they address systemic issues such as racially biased policing and racial disparities in the criminal justice system.