About Faisil

Faisal Gill has had extensive government and business experience. Faisal currently a partner in Gill Investment Group, LLC, a company with investments in primarily companies with federal government contracts, and real estate ventures. Gill Investments is also working with US Commerce Department on bringing power projects to Africa.
Prior to staring his own firm, Faisal served as a board member and general counsel for Apex Investment Group, Inc a private equity firm that specialize in investing in companies in the government sector.
At Apex, one of his responsibilities was acting as intermediate ceo once Apex acquired the majority position. As acting ceo, Faisal was responsible for managing all creditors, paying all accounts, making sure all contracts were fulfilled and company otherwise continued to operate without interruption as Apex decided on a permanent management structure. Faisal was acting ceo for military shipbuilding company Swiftships Shipbuilders, LLC, an engineering company Bovay Engineers, Inc and a logistics company, Apex Logistics.
Prior to joining Apex, Faisal Gill served as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Under Secretary for Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection at the Department of Homeland Security. As such, he was responsible for formulating and coordinating policy for the intelligence directorate. In this capacity, he advised the Under Secretary on policy issues ranging from intelligence policy, infrastructure protection, cyber security and information sharing initiatives. He was also involved with the development and formulas for the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) and other state grant programs.
Previously, Faisal worked at the White House Office of Homeland Security and then later the Homeland Security Council as associate counsel where he handled critical infrastructure and border security issues. He also served as principal counsel to the President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board.
Prior to his appointment at the White House, Faisal served as the Deputy General Counsel for Policy at the Office of Personnel Management.
Faisal Gill also served in the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps.
He has a BA and JD from American University in Washington, DC. Faisal Gill is licensed to practice in California, Colorado, New York and Washington, DC. Faisal lives in Vermont with his children