JFA Endorses Max Tracy For Burlington Mayor

Justice For All is proud to endorse Max Tracy for Mayor in Burlington, Vermont!   

We’re excited to do our part in what is likely one of the most vital elections in recent history in the city of Burlington, VT.

Anything short of a true urgency in addressing the real and present impact of systemic racism NOW ignores our history, normalizes our present condition and dooms our future.  We owe it to our children to respond uncompromisingly and break free from the legacy of the national original sin.  This will require a leader who is not required to be dragged, kicking and screaming to focus on eradicating systemic racism.  This will require a leader who though willing to work across the isle makes it clear that that some things are simply not negotiable.  Max has proven that he won’t compromise on this.  A vote for Max is a vote for integrity.

Join us in taking eradicating systemic racism in Burlington to the MAX!  The deadline for the Progressive Burlington Caucus is TODAY!

Register to Caucus with the Progressive Party
https://www.progressiveparty.org/newdirectionbtv/#registerSee more on MAX Here!


JFA’s mission is to dismantle systemic racism, eliminate poverty and ensure racial equity through advocacy, education, and relationship-building.