We Are in The Middle Of Two Pandemics

We Are in The Middle Of Two Pandemics

The first is the Corona Virus and the second is the 400 year old pandemic of RACISM!

We’re all in!
Justice For All was started in direct response to the murder of Michael Brown in 2014.  Hard stop.
The senseless murders of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and George Floyd in Minnesota are a continuation of violence directed against black bodies dating back to pre-United States. 
Everything that Justice For All has been doing to date has evolved to our tireless work that we do now in eradicating systemic racism.  What we know about systemic racism is that if it exists anywhere, it exists everywhere.
As much as we understand that serious reforms in policing must be immediately undertaken, our concerns and directed work on it has and continues to expand across the entirety of the so-called criminal Justice System.  Our work also addresses systemic racism in employment, housing, education, health services and economic development.  Justice For All, with our policy and outreach arm the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance has been standing on the front line of this struggle for the last five years and we commit to intensify our efforts to bring about transformation of this State at this time where we are needed most.
Join by signing our Oversight of Law EnforcementRacial Justice Reform (and Constitutional Amendment) and No Taxation or Regulation Without Reparations cannabis racial equity petitions. Support us on our demands to the Vermont State Legislature and Governor to address the impact of COVID-19 on black and brown Vermonters and our outstanding legislative agenda, all communicated through the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance. Attend our Webinar Educational Series (see Facebook) that equips the community by shining a light on systemic racism and framing our legislative agenda. There are a couple of events below and just announced this morning is the Speak-out on #GeorgeFloyd And The State of The Nation, happening Wednesday evening.  Register Here!

Note:  We’ve pulled in the “Action Corner” from our Vermont Racial Justice Alliance and placed it below to provide some immediate actions that you can take. 
Another immediate action that you can take is to financially support the work that we are doing to help us do what we all know must be done – ensure that we recreate this nation to a nation that provides safety, prosperity and Justice For All.


 Action Corner

We have submitted a letter to the Governor and legislators calling for a Task Force and directed actions to ensure that people of color in Vermont be provided targeted and immediate support and that increased and specific actions be taken in efforts to dismantle systemic racism. Please contact the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the President Pro Temp, the Speaker of the house and other legislators and ask them to take the actions that we have outlined in the letter.  We can’t go back to the old normal

Call Governor Scott at: 828.3333 or send an email to:  https://governor.vermont.gov/email

Call Lieutenant Governor Zuckerman at: 828.2226 or send an email to: https://ltgov.vermont.gov/ 

Call President Pro Temp Ashe at: 828.3806 or send an email to: tashe@leg.state.vt.us

Call Speaker Johnson at: 828.2245 or send an email to: https://speaker.vermont.gov/content/contact     

Reach out to any of the Legislators.  Find them here:   https://legislature.vermont.gov/people/

H.464, Use of Force Bill  – Civilian oversight of law enforcement and consistency are critical, particularly in the practice of use of force. We have a petition with over 380 signatures calling for civilian oversight of law enforcement. Please send a note to House Government Operations, asking for an up/down vote on H.464.  Here is a group email address for the Committee:  vermont-house-government-operations@googlegroups.com or leave a message for Chairwoman Copeland-Hanzas at 802.828.2228.  

H.284, the Justice System Data – We’ve already proven the effectiveness of proper data collection through our recently released Race Traffic Stop Dashboard. We must have accurate, complete and consistent data if we are to have any reasonable expectation of a government that is fair for all.  Ask the Committee to take additional testimony  Send and email to vermont-house-judiciary@googlegroups.com or leave a message for Chairwoman Grad at 802.828.2228. 

H.478, the Reparations Task Force Bill. The United Nations Human Rights Council, NAACP, ACLU, National Educational Education Association and the Episcopal Dioceses  as well as political figures like Bernie have expressed support for a the Reparations Task Force bill (H.R.40).  H.478 is nearly identical to H.R.40 .  Please ask the Speaker to make this bill a priority.  Send the speaker an email here:  mjohnson@leg.state.vt.us or leave here a message at 802.828.2228.

S.54, the Cannabis taxation and Regulation Bill. The reparative and social equity components of this bill fall incredibly short, compared to the amazing work done by the policy makers of Illinois. Please contact the Conference Committee and urge them to adopt language similar to Illinois’ approach in addressing racial equity in cannabis regulation.  We have a petition with over 260 signatures that says “No Taxation or Regulation without Reparations”. Here is the Conference Committee. COVID-19 has shined a light on racial inequities like never before.  We have proposed language that we’d like to ask them to reconsider.

Rep. John Gannon
Rep. Robert LaClair
Rep. Janet Ancel
Sen. Richard Sears
Sen. Jeanette White
Sen. Joseph Benning

H.926, the bill related to ACT 250 (land use) This is the first time in 50 years that there has been a major review of Vermont’s landmark land use bill.  There was no mention of land access and equity or environmental justice in what was almost a full year study and report.  Fortunately, we intercepted the bill in the house but it was like jumping on a moving train. This will impact people of color in Vermont for years to come.  We need to slow this bill down and ask that careful consideration be given to placing racial equity and environmental justice at the center of any Statewide land use laws.  You can reach out to the Committee Members of Natural Resources and Energy here

Educational Series 

Eradicating Systemic Racism: How’s That Working Out?
As we now see the accentuated impact of Corona Virus on communities of color, we have learned that eradicating systemic racism must ALWAYS be at the top of our agenda. In 2017 the State of Vermont passed a law that required the Attorney General, the Human Rights Commission and interested stakeholders to “develop a strategy to address racial disparities within the State systems of education, labor and employment, access to housing and health care, and economic development.” How’s that working out for us? It’s time to examine our original premise, look at our progress, consider new realities and forge ahead with this vitally important work. Panelists include Bor Yang, Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission, David Scherr, Assistant Attorney General.

“People of Color have waited far too long for the equality we promise in word but not deed. It is time to remedy that wrong” ATTORNEY GENERAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION TASK FORCE ON ACT 54- RACIAL DISPARITIES IN STATE SYSTEMS REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS

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Hidden In Plain Sight:  The Truth About Systemic Racism

The Vermont Attorney General And Human Rights Commission Task Force on Act 54 Racial Disparities in State Systems Report in 2017 indicated that “In addition, and likely related to the income disparities, racial disparities have been documented in each of the areas identified in Act 54 (education, labor and employment, housing, healthcare and economic development).” Until we can gain a common understanding of how and why this is happening, there is limited potential for true transformation. Through personal stories and aided with the research of national experts on the matter, Racial Justice Alliance Coordinator, Mark Hughes unpacks systemic racism from several perspectives and discusses solutions.

Register in advance for this webinar:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

About Justice For All

Our mission is dismantle systemic racism, eliminate poverty and ensure racial equity through advocacy, education, and relationship-building. 

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Mark Hughes,
Executive Director, Justice For All
Coordinator, Racial Justice Alliance
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