W.E.L.L. Update July 19, 2019

 Hello all,

Here is your weekly What Equity Looks Like (W.E.L.L.) in Burlington update. 

The Racial Equity Resolution was passed by City Council on Monday, July 15th. The Resolution creates a standing Committee and a full time position (that reports to the Mayor) for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This is what equity looks like!

Our next meeting, “What We Are Doing About Equity in Burlington” will be August 13th from 7:00 till 9:00pm.  This is an action-oriented meeting.  Please place this on your calendar.  As indicated last week, we are providing weekly highlights from the initial W.E.L.L. breakout sessions. Todays highlight is on education.

Equity Highlight

Equity on Education 

A concern reported by the breakout group on education was that of a need for effective guidance and counseling processes.  Here, our team spoke in terms of a “high-school-to-college process” and stressed the importance of financial aid, role models and follow-up polices.  Progressive administrative follow-up was proposed as an important area to be addressed.  This included post college professional development; the tracking of student transitional developments; employer hiring and termination policy reviews and effective inclusion policies. Finally the group indicated a need to acknowledge a growing diverse community.  This was discussed in terms of empathy for culture mix; real time community diversity, and; community involvement through mentorship programs.  Thanks to the W.E.L.L. Education group for their work.  We’ll continue to track this work and keep you updated.   

I chatted with Henri Sparks, Director of Equity and Safe Inclusive Schools on with the Burlington School District on JFA TV, on W.E.L.L..  You can find that interview here

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