Racial Disparities Panel Agenda

Racial Disparities in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice
Systems Advisory Panel

October 3rd, 2017, 6:00pm
 110 State Street, Montpelier

1)   Housekeeping
a.    Standing Date and location
b.    Extending
c.    Communication
d.    Administrative and professional support (Per diem)

2)   Guiding principlesa.
a. Community involvement (evening)
b.    Transparency and accountability
c.    Commitment (top involvement and training)
d.    Common Understanding (Blue Lives  Matter/ White supremacy)
e.    The system is the whole system (contractors – Statewide CJC Network, etc)

3)   Updates on Act 54 (standing agenda item)

4)   Public Comments (standing agenda item)

5)   AG Report Progress  – to committee (standing agenda item)

6)   Proposed Working Group Sessions – Discuss disparities in the Criminal Justice System and determine three most high impact / high discretion decision point.  Solicit public participation in each group.(standing agenda item)
a.    Law enforcement – De-escalation, Use of Force training policy and data collection
b.    Defender General
c.    States Attorneys
d.    Judges
e.    Corrections
f.     Community – Develop plan for education
g.    Horizontal – Data collection review, data collection, training and policy

7)   Recommendations to Legislature (standing agenda item)
a.    Public complaint process (all state government systems)
b.    Weather and how to implement racial profiling laws
c.    Expansion of data collection by law enforcement