Senate to Consider House Amendment to H.308 (Racial Justice) – Governor to Consider Next

Update:  There is a good chance that this vote could happen as early as Monday (May 1st).

Tuesday, the Senate will consider a proposal to concur with the House amendment to the Senate amendment to H.308. We support this proposal!  Thanks again to the The President Pro Tempore, Senator Ashe, the Senate Majority Leader, Senator Balint, Judiciary Chair, Senator Sears and bill sponsors Senators Pollina, Brooks, Ingram and White for stepping up and going beyond the call to get this done.

This is the last step in a long journey to get this racial justice reform legislation to the desk of the governor.  The Racial Reform Coalition has performed flawlessly in this unprecedented endeavor. Thanks to all who have participated.

Ways to help and show support:

1.) Call the Sergeant at Arms and leave a message for your Senator to H.308 @ 802-828-2228.  (You can also send an email: OR send an email your Senator your expressing support for concurrence of the House amendment of H.308 . – Find them here:

2) Send an email expressing your appreciation for the hard work of key members of the Senate. Use this email address to thank the Senate leadership, the judiciary chair and the bill

3)  Ask the Governor to sign H.308 when the Legislature sends it to his desk at the end of next week.  Send the Governor a note here: Email the Governor.  You can also call the Governor’s office at 802.828.3333.

4) Share this link with your network. H.308 (racial justice bill)