Peoples’s Climate March in Vermont and DC

Dearest friends and allies,

Note:  For those who can’t make the DC trip, we are marching in Vermont:

Over two years ago, a giant climate march enveloped New York City and over 2,000 Vermonters were a part of that beautiful and important day. We brought our families, our instruments, our hand-made signs, our song books, and our cries for change! It was beautiful, fun, and impactful. Were you there? Or have you heard the stories?

And now, we are called to gather again. This time in Washington DC. April 29th. This time it will be different – the stakes are higher, the opposition is uglier, and perhaps our hearts are heavier. Can you help us grow this beautiful resistance and share this invitation with your networks, friends, and families? Who is waiting for your warm invitation to join this growing movement of movements?

Subject: You’re invited to rise, resist, and build!

As many of you know, climate change is an issue that affects us all, but also makes worse the injustices that we face in our communities – economic, racial, and social. I am extremely concerned about the rapid pace of global warming and the impacts that has on so many people across the world, from droughts and famine, to wildfires and other climate-provoked disasters, to floods and severe storms. Even in Vermont, we see effects like increases in ticks and Lyme’s, Tropical Storm Irene, and irregular weather.

What can one do? I choose to be active and take a stand! Please consider joining me and 350Vermont as we head to Washington DC for the People’s Climate March on April 29th. The Trump administration is rolling back even the modest attempts to curb climate change, so it’s time to register our dissent! 350Vermont is organizing buses so it is easy and inexpensive to get to Washington DC for this march. More info is here:


Buses leave Vermont, multiple locations  (New red eye buses on Friday night too!).

Find lodging in Washington DC:

Indigenous Sunrise Water Ceremony, 6am Saturday

Climate March and Circle the White House, 12:30pm

Rally at Washington Monument, 3pm

Saturday evening buses return to VT

We acknowledge that traveling to DC is a privilege for those who have the ability, means (scholarships available!), and safety to do so. If you are bound to Vermont, we invite you to join the sister march in Montpelier and the May Day March for Dignity with Migrant Justice on Monday May 1.

P.s. There are more waters rising, and they will find there way to us, but we will wade through the waters together, figuratively and literally. Listen here: