Supporting Racial Justice Reform – H492


Here are five things that you can do now to assist in moving this unprecedented legislation forward:

1) sign the petition that calls for the adoption of this bill. Your signature alerts all members of the legislature:

2) Call the Sergeant at Arms and leave a message for your legislative delegation and/or the House Judiciary expressing your support for H492:

802-828-2228.  You can also send an email:

3) Send a message to the House Judiciary Committee expressing your support for H492. This address will inform all 11 members:

4) Come out and support us at the “Push for Racial Justice Reform” at Sweet Melissa’s on Thursday and Friday evening (March 2nd and 3rd).  Here are the Facebook events:

Push For Racial Justice Reform Part I
Push For Racial Justice Reform Part II

5)  Get the information to your network

Thanks for getting the word out.