“As a person of color, I know that nothing impacts us harder than racial disparities in the justice system. With one percent of the state being African American, we represent 10% of the Vermont prison population. We are investigated, sentenced, incarcerated at vastly disproportionate rates with much heavier penalties”
The Vermont legislature directed an independent study on the impact race has in the criminal justice system in Vermont (2012 deadline). Though the report was released in 2014, it was not made available to the general public until last year (after I repeatedly requested it). It is not posted on the legislature’s site to date. Here is the report, for those who are interested:
http://crgvt.org/…/rep…/reports/racesentencingrpt_files/Race Sent Rpt 2015.pdf
No additional action taken…
Anyone understanding these circumstances and reading this report should be able easily determine the level of commitment in Vermont in addressing racial disparities in the justice system. But somehow we choose to create a narrative that the problem is flying in on Thursday?

Here is something else for those who are really want to stand against racism. A higher calling than your sociopolitical capital – your money.



I won’t be in Burlington Thursday Night.