Vermont State Police Traffic Stops (Year-by-Year Trend)

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Traffic Stop Rates by Year

A Disparity Index that is less than 100% indicates a group is stopped at a rate that is lower than its share of the population, and an Index greater than 100% indicates a group is stopped at a rate higher than expected, given its share of the population. Hover here for data sources Traffic Stop Data: All charts rely on data supplied by law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Vermont. This data is available here: Crime Research Group – TRAFFIC STOP & RACE DATA
Driver percentages by race are derived from the Vermont DMV Accident database and the US American Community Survey (5-year average through 2017)

Post-Stop Outcomes by Year

Search Rate
Hit Rate

A lower hit rate could indicate an excess of unnecessary searches.

Further analysis and discussion of the Vermont traffic stop data can be found here:
Seguino. S. and N. Brooks. 2017. “Driving While Black and Brown in Vermont.”
Gund Institute, University of Vermont and Cornell University.